Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My card box

If there are two types of games that I love (which there are), they would have to be billiards and cards. Last year I made this sweet, if rather chunky, card box of copper. It had a handmade hinge, and I etched a a picture of the mad hatter's tea party into the front of it. It held the cards well, was sturdy, and the bottom never fell out, not like the cardboard boxes that cards normally come in. Anyway, recently I lent it to a friend who wished to continue playing cards in their free period, something I often do, and the next thing I knew, it was gone. I had the cards, but no box. I don't know who lost it, and I don't really care anyway. It gave me the kick that I had been needing to make a newer, better one. So here it is. It's not done yet, but I've made the two parts of the box and done the hinge. Next up is to put an etching on the front. I expect I will do the same picture as before, but I'll do it better this time, the last one was a bit shallow. But I'll also etch a 500 scoring table on the inside of the lid. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the old one, but I do have photos of the new one.

Here are some of the details. The top is unadorned at the moment, but the bottom has a gear from an old broken German cuckoo clock that I found soldered on to it. I made the hinges with some very small copper pipe, I cut it to the length of the (short end of the) lid, plus a little extra, then cut it into thirds. I cleaned the ends up, then put some flux on the pipes and the edges of bot the box and the lid, pushed them into position lying on a tile, and gently heated them, then added a very small amount of solder.

The pin running through the pipes is some brass wire.

The old hinges were made from copper sheet, folded into a rough tube at one end, then soldered onto the rest of the box. Funtional, but chunky and fiddly. These ones, while fiddly, were actually easier than the old ones, and are almost invisible.

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