Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pictures ahoy.

The two lovely wet suits, dutifully awaiting the literal and proverbial 'chop', alongside their soon-to-be best friends, the 5 litre jar complete with cider on the left, and the 30 litre vat on the right.

One leg removed to make the sleeve for the jar.

Completed sleeve, I tucked a bit of scrap in to complete the sleeve.

And here's the vat in it's wet suit. Right on the front you can see a line of rough stitches, there's another one just on the edge on the right, these join a panel in to make the sleeve big enough to cover the vat. I also cut out a little slot for the tap.

I would show you the immersion heater, but I haven't got any photos of it, and it's pretty dull anyway. I just bought a length of aluminium tubing that was slightly too small to go over the end of the cartridge heater, then drilled one end out to 8mm, the diameter of the heater, and araldited the heater in. The tube is about 300mm long, and has a terminated mains cable coming out the other end ready to plug into the power outlet from my thermostat.