Friday, July 13, 2012


I put down my first all-grain batch of beer the other day, and discovered that the arduino-based thermostat I had made for it had stopped working. I put the beer inside to keep warm, and it seems to be ok, but it prompted me to continue work on my brewing computer.

I now have a functioning network, so I've decided to add a reporting feature to my device. I've written the first revision of the code, but haven't yet got all the hardware going.

Here are the functions planned:

Internet enabled
Temperature sensing
Thermostatic control (hopefully with PID/PD)
Specific gravity sensor
Temperature calibration for gravity readings (reads gravity and spits out what the value would be if the liquid were at a set temperature)
Alcohol content calculation
Daily report of gravity, alc% and temperature via Twitter and email
Thermostatic control failure alert via Twitter and email
'Time to bottle' alert via Twitter and email

I'm yet to get the gravity sensor working, but that shouldn't be too much of an issue. I also haven't trialled the datalogging to SD card or PID yet. So far I know I can get it to send me an email with the readings, and I know it can control the temperature. More to come when I'm closer to completion.

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