Monday, July 27, 2009

Doors and mirrors

We've had these new doors put on at the front of my house, opening onto the new deck. They look really good. They're cedar on the inside, and powder coated steel on the outside (wood weathers woefully). Anyway, the doors came in, of all things, maple packing. I like maple, it's cheaper than other, darker woods, but takes a stain really nicely, and is good to work with, so I kept the packing. I had two very small pieces (about 1200mm together, and 40mm wide) of it that I looked for a use for, and, after not too long, I found it looking me in the face. A mirror! I have this old mirror, without a frame of any sort, sitting on top of a speaker in my room, and I've been meaning to frame it for a while. I started it the other day. It's a very plain, simple design. Mitred corners, mirror held in a groove in the middle of each side. But I'm planning on some interesting flourishes at the joints. I haven't quite decided yet, I'm tossing up between a couple of different ideas I had revolving around brass pins, but, failing that, I'll just go with brass corners. I'll give it a new jarrah stain when I'm done.

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